From 1941 to 2009

March 26, 2010

Dateline April 1, 1941

My name is Dan Noble. I work for the Galvin Manufacturing Company (later to be better known as Motorola). I’m very proud to have been a member of the team that created the first radio receiver-transmitter to be widely nick-named “Walkie-Talkie” . We call it the SCR-300. We developed this backpack unit using frequency modulation (FM).

“handie talkie” SCR-536

The device caught the attention of the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (now the CIA) which recruited us to develop a two-way, air-to-ground radio system for covert use by troops behind enemy lines during World War II.

We call this new hand-held unit the  SCR-536 or the “Handie-Talkie”.  Both devices run on vacuum tubes and use high voltage dry cell batteries.

My team mates and I are most proud of our accomplishments and do hope that our efforts go a long way in helping our men in uniform. Perhaps, some day, we can design a smaller, more compact unit for commercial use.

Dateline March 25, 2009

My name is Dan Noble. I’m 95 years old.

I had a wonderful career as Executive Vice Chairman of the Board emeritus of Motorola. I suppose I was best known  for the design and installation of the nation’s first statewide two-way radio communications system. The system was the first in the world to use FM technology.

In 1949 I set up a solid state electronics research laboratory for Motorola in Phoenix.

But I’ll always be most proud of my  Handie-Talkie which we trademarked on May 22, 1951. ( U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the trademark registration number is 71560123).

I’ve seen a lot of technological advancements since we designed the Handie Talkie…from The Television to satellites; computers to cable television. But when I see the number of hand held cellular phones in the world today, and the amazing things that people can do with them above and beyond carrying on a conversation…when I see what an integral part of our everyday life these little miracles have become…I can’t help but beam with pride at how our team back in 1941 helped paved the way. I’ve seen so many technological marvels in my life. I can only imagine what the next 95 years will bring. Gosh, I wish I can stick around to see it.


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