Mobile Phones

March 5, 2010

It’s pretty difficult to choose just one media technology that’s most interesting to me. But I  suppose I’d have to identify Mobile Phones as my choice for a number of reasons:

1. It’s a large part of my life already and I know so little about it: the technology that makes it work, the history that led to its creation, the many changes that have occured to it in so short a period of time, and particularly its potential.

2. There’s many things that our current cell phones can do for us that I’ve yet to take advantage of. I basically use my cell phone for, well, talking (as strange as that may seem). OK, I text a fair amount as well. Perhaps studying this topic in more detail will open my eyes to many of these features and benefits. At least make me an informed consumer and allow me to make up my own mind.

3. When I leave Ramapo, I’ll be finding employment in the helping fields. Regardless of where that takes me, I’m certain that the cell phone will play an integral role in my ability to function well on my job; from communicating with my office, team mates, superiors; to communicating with clients; to finding and staying in touch with groups of individuals in similar situations as mine and sharing thoughts and ideas; to searching the web for peer reviewed materials that may assist me with the case I’m curently working on…it’s impossible to believe that I’ll be able to succeed without it.

So I plan to learn everything I can about this device that is so critical yet so taken for granted. I want to learn new ways that it can assist me in my day to day life as well as my future career. And I’m particularly interested in researching what things might be coming to this little device in the not too distant future.

My dad had one of the first mass produced mobile phones back in the ’80’s. It reminded me of one of those units the army used to carry into battle that you’d crank a few times to get going. It was large, cumbersome, didn’t function all that well, was extremely expensive to use (thus not available to the masses) and people used to stop and stare at him as he talked on it while walking down the street. (note: his company paid for it, so I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea). Prior to this, he used to carry a beeper and when the office wanted him they’d beep him and he’s have to find a payphone (yes the streets of Manhattan used to have payphones on almost every corner). So the time saved was its biggest advantage.

That was only 30 years ago and to see where mobile phones have come since then astounds me. I can only wonder what things will be like 30 years from now.


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