A Technological Tale

February 21, 2010

It’s the year 2252 and it’s finally happened…the nuclear war that everyone’s feared for centuries has finally occurred. I’m writing from within the confines of the CFGOS labs in Silicon Valley.  We here at the  Cloning For The Good of Society labs have been the subject of ridicule, hate mail, anti-cloning laws, even civilian-organized militia attacks for centuries now. We’ve fortified our structure over time to ward off such attacks and secretly designed our new underground facilities 50 years ago when our founder, Klaus Von Bidderhand, had the foresight to see not only a movement by the American Government to shut us down, but an escalation in the Middle East arms race that he personally believed would result in the catastrophie that has just occured. He was right. It’s difficult to fully understand what has just occured as the news from the outside is rather sketchy at best, so I will attempt to stick to only the facts that we are certain of.  Since Iran became a nuclear power in the early 21st century, the remaining countries in the middle east felt compelled to do so as well. First Saudi Arabia, then Iraq, then Jordon and Egypt, until eventually there were enough nuclear warheads in the middle east to wipe out Israel and “any one who dared consider Israel an Allie”. Things seemed to stay somewhat under control, however, as the remaining powers around the world “tolerated” this escalation…until the oil began to dry up. Once that occured, about 100 years ago, the government in these countries found it more and more difficult to maintain control of their people. Unemployment rates were always enormously high among the men and we know full well of the plight of the women in these countries. But without the oil revenues pouring in, revenues which at least allowed the governments to offer their people the minimal amount of sustenance required to keep them at bay, things began to worsen. Revolts began to spring up everywhere and hundreds of thousands were killed by government armies. Jordan’s army overthrew its king and nuclear stockpiles began to fall into the wrong hands. As usual, Israel was found to be the cause of all the ills befalling these countries and someone, we don’t know who, attacked Israel with several nuclear warheads. The United States, needless to say, immediately responded on behalf of its key allie in the region. The Chinese and Russians didn’t take too kindly to that and what happened after that, we just don’t know. From what we can tell, everything’s gone. There’s no communications to speak of and we’re just not sure how many Americans have survived.

Our founder saw all this coming and we’re set for years down here. In the 20 plus years it will take for the nuclear fallout to vanish, we can remain a fully functioning enterprise….and we intend to do so.

With no laws and anti-cloning groups to battle with anymore, we are finally free to fufill our founder’s vision…A society “engineered”  to be led by cloned individuals who, based on history, we know can be counted on to “do the right thing”. There are 1200 employees here and I know we all feel so strongly about our founder’s dream that we can’t wait to get started. I will do my best to record what occurs here until I am no longer able to do so. I will also encourage others here to do likewise.  Our mission is too important and the world must know and appreciate what we are doing on their behalf.

entry date Jan 6, 2302.

My name is Melda. I work here at the CFGOS. I stumbled upon this diary and noticed that the individual who started it was not able to continue. I will try my best to let you know what has occurred over the past 50 years.

It is my understanding that, after the nuclear event of 2252, our board of directors  began the arduous debate over the perfect people to be cloned…who would be the best individuals to lead our new society? Needless to say, it was quite difficult to arrive at any concensus. We always prided ourselves on hiring the best person for the job, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, creed or sexual orientation. Our board of directors reflected that diversity. So imagine the arguments when it came to choosing the best, most qualified leaders for our new society. I understand it took several years of debates ans still no concensus. Years had passed and no progress at all was being made. So the board finally agreed to a rather complicated bargain designed to satisfy all the board members. That agreement does not exist in writing any longer but after much debate, and in an effort to satisfy all the board members,  an agreement was made to clone the following individuals to help form our new society:

From the world of politics: Thomas Jefferson and Karl Marx.

From the world of sports: Muhammed Ali and Billie Jean King.

From the business world: Bill Gates and Lee Iacocca.

From the world of Religion: Pope Paul II and Ghandi.

From the world of  journalism: Walter Cronkite and Bill O’Reilly.

From the world of science:  Our founder, Klauss Von Bidderhand and  Albert Einstein.

To satisfy the African American caucus: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

From the world of art: Leonardo DaVinci and Picasso.

From the world of acting: Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon.

To satisfy the feminists:  Susan B. Anthony and Gloria Steinhem.

To satisfy the gay contingent: Ellen Degeneres and Elton John.

There were many, many more…but these are the ones I remember most vividly. And although many of these people had been dead for centuries, our founder had undertaken a secret mission to find these people and extract their DNA.

Once the list was ratified, the cloning process went without a hitch, relatively speaking. As the cloned individuals, like the rest of us, were relegated to our underground fortress for another 15+ years, it gave them all a good opportunity to meet, get to know one another, share ideas and develop the plan to start anew once we were free from our seclusion. The results were not without their problems.

No agreement could be made as to the political structure that would govern our new society.  Since it was assumed most modern technology was destroyed, Jefferson favored an egrarian society, much like the one he grew up in. He imagined much fertile land would be available to grow crops, such as tobacco and cotton but could not say where the workforce would come from. But he insisted on a system whereby every citizen would have the right to keep the fruits of his labor. Marx fought for a society where every citizen would share the fruits of their labor with the masses. As no agreement could be made, Marx was given the northern territories and Jefferson the South, each to rule in his own fashion. In retrospect, that was probably not a good idea.

These 2 new societies struggled mightily. The South’s major issue was finding a workforce. In all it’s debating, our board of directors cloned many great thinkers and leaders but no workers. And once we were free to leave our underground shelter, certain anti-cloning militia groups destroyed our ability to do so.  So the government  sent out ships to other continents, such as Africa, in an attempt to find workers who could work the land. In an effort not to recreate a slave trade, they entered into agreements with these workers much the same as the post Civil War era.

The north needed labor as well, more in an effort to build factories and industry. They found themselves in direct competition with the South for the same workers. Africa, as it ended up, was the least affected by the nuclear war and millions of its citizens survived. Much of the civilization that existed there prior to the nuclear event was still up and running…so it was difficult to convince many African citizens to come to America without offering them something more. So Jefferson began to offer them their own land. His idea worked tremendously…within a decade, millions of acres of our new South were owned and operated by the new American land owner…the African American. They became wealthy beyond their dreams and masters of their domain. Landowners held the political power and gained most of the representation in the newly formed government of the South.

The North continued to struggle for workers and Marx could not successfully recruit Africans to join his efforts…not when Jefferson’s South offered so much more. Marx was relegated to searching elsewhere for workers and found them in Australia, another country left relatively untouched by the nuclear event. But civilization in Australia was strong and none of them wanted to join Marx in his newly Utopian society….so he took them against their will. Marx and his followers invaded Australia and returned to the northern colonies with literally hundreds of thousands of blonde haired, blue eyed, white slaves. For several decades, the system seemed to work. Although many slaves attempted to flee to the South, they basically stuck out like a sore thumb and were quickly captured. Many Southern land owners, sensitive to their plight, formed a new underground railroad and helped thousands of runaway slaves seek asylum on their land. But the North began to build…and build and build and build until they once more became a powerful industrial power…powerful enough to wage war on the South, a threat that continually was held over the Southern landowner’s heads.

Through it all, there were many other problems. Women were not given their proper due in either government and fought for their own civil rights. Gay rights were squashed in both societies and religious freedoms in the North were destroyed. Artists, actors, writers and journalist found the freedom they sought in the Southern states as the North typically controlled the news media and used artisans as pawns in their ultimate plans. And citizens of the South were marching in the streets in support of their Northern friends….friends that they knew were being brought here against their will, forced to work in remarkably difficult conditions, watch their families separated, and suffer in living conditions that would not satisfy a rat. But they felt powerless to do anything. As wrong as they knew things were in the North, the South, although free and thriving, housed no weapons, no armies, and was under constant threat from the North who by now had created armies and weapons that could wipe out the South in a matter of days.

But the North needed the tobacco and the cotton and the wheat and the corn and the other products that the South alone was producing. So the North tolerated them.  A kind of imaginary wall was created along the old Mason Dixon line that was dubbed the New Iron Curtain. For decades the North and South tread lightly with one another. And during this time, the South began  to manufacture weapons and secretly form an army. It was first designed to protect themselves against Northern aggression, but as the citizens of the South became more and more vocal over their concerns for their Northern friends and more and more demanding of their government to take action, the South invaded the North on July 4th 2276, the 500th anniversary of our original Independence Day. The invasion, remarkably, was almost bloodless. Over the past decade, communications were formed between the Southern revolutionists and their comrades to the North. The invasion would be made with weapons and soldiers from the South but would rest its success on an internal uprising of the citizens of the North.  It worked better than expected. The citizens rose up, took to the streets, took control of the strategic government bodies and media/communications outlets and the Southern Soldiers caught the Northern armies asleep at the wheel.

The South had risen again…the Civil War was a tremendous success. The government of the North was abolished and the United States of America was once again, one.

But our newly formed country is not without its problems. Many African Americans in the South frankly don’t want to integrate with the white slaves and have gone so far as to create laws to keep it that way. Many have sought refuge in Africa.  Womens’ rights must be addressed and some feel that a new civil rights movement must be organized. But the majority of citizens all feel a new-found hope for the future…a future where every American, regardless of gender, race, creed, nationality, religion, educational level, or sexual preference can live free from government interference and  free from government intervention….where all men and women are created equal. It’s a dream worth fighting for.


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