Technology That I Use

January 23, 2010

Compared to most, I’m pretty much a novice when it comes to the media technologies I use everyday. They include:

The radio: I like to tune into CBS, WINS, and WSUS radio particularly when I’m in my car for weather and traffic updates. I’d say I do this 4-5 times per week for 20 minutes each. It’s free! I suppose an alternative would be the 24/7 traffic and weather station that my mom has on her satellite radio. I choose not to pay for radio. I grew up with free radio and I have a real problem having to pay for it.

TV news: Primarily cable news networks Fonnews and CNBC. I probably tune into one or the other for an hour or 2 each day. It’s where I get the majority of my world and US news. I particularly enjoy watching for any bias in the news coverage and find CNBC to be particularly slanted to the left and Foxnews to the right. I don’t pay for it although I suppose my parents do via their cable tv bill. I really couldn’t say what it cost to view just those 2 news networks. I suppose my alternatives would be the nightly network news broadcasts (free on CBS, NBC and ABC) but I find that I already know the news that they’re broadcasting at 6:30pm. By then, it’s old news.

Headline news emails from a number of sites (NY Times, Foxnews, CNBC, WSUS radio). It’s free and immediate. When a big story hits these news outlets, I hear about it shortly thereafter via an email. If it’s a headline that I find particularly interesting or something I’d like to hear more about, I can tune into that network or visit their website to learn more. I can’t think of an alternative to this service. This takes only minutes per week of my time.

Local newspapers (Daily Record and Byram Journal). I read these papers in order to keep up with what’s going on in my local communities. You won’t read or hear much about these things anywhere else. I’d say I spend an hour or 2 per week reading these papers. They cost about $50 per year or so (my dad believes). I suppose there’s one or 2 local alternatives but I’m not too familiar with them.

Magazines: My folks subscribe to Reader’s Digest and my friend subscribes to Cosmo. I enjoy reading both, it’s free (for me) and I find it more entertaining than newsworthy. But I enjoy them. I suppose there’s countless magazines out there that might entertain me just as much but I really don’t care to spend money on them. I also find that magazines are even slower than newspapers in regards to getting information to us, so I’d just as soon look things up on the internet.


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