Radio Snippets

January 21, 2010

Radio clips

…Buying Gadgets

As I listened to this piece, I’m reminded about another class I took here at Ramapo where we learned about Affluenza. And while I listen to this article on my computer, there’s an Infomercial on my TV trying to convince me that I can’t live without this new juicer. And they’ll sell tens of thousand of those suckers tonight. Why? Because we suffer from Affluenza, that bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. If the Joneses buy one of those juicers, and you don’t…the end of the world as we know it might not be far off. Most of us suffer from this affliction. Face it.  If the Joneses next door buy a new big screen TV, we have to buy a new big screen TV. If Johnny goes to school with last year’s cell phone, he’s ostracized. And if Betty doesn’t have one of those neat new notebook laptops, she’ll be a laughing stock.


Ah, my biggest pet peeve. Firstly, Facebook is an extremely cool invention. When it first came out, I rushed to setup my own account and start communicating with my “friends”. Now…I can’t stand it. The absolute drivvle that people decide to post on Facebook makes me nuts! Do I need to know that you’ll be right back because you need to relieve yourself? Isn’t anything private anymore? And doesn’t anyone realize that there are things you should and shouldn’t post on Facebook?…That those little tantrums you throw are being read by every other person you’ve befriended? And if Facebook wasn’t enough…as if we couldn’t wait to get to our desktop and report on every exciting moment of our thrilling day…along comes twitter! Now I know every boring detail of your life as it’s happening!

So Facebook users can now choose their own URL. I’m thrilled. I better go tweet everyone the news.

Google merger…

We touched on this briefly earlier…the danger (real or perceived) of companies getting too big, too powerful, and too intrusive. Look, companies have been trying for years to make money on the Internet and not doing a very good job. So if Google (the search engine) and DoubleClick (the ad company) can merge and tailor ads to those people who might be interested…I’d say it’s a piece of marketing genius. But wait..does this mean that every time I go into a website, even a website that perhaps I thought I was entering in private, I’m going to end up on some list and be bombarded with ads that have something to do with that website? So let me get this straight…If I’m doing a homework assignment and have to look up menopause…am I now going to be inundated with ads that attempt to help curb my hot flashes? Am I going to be downloading music from Itunes and get a Pop Up screen offering me a new estrogen replacement therapy? Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.


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