January 21, 2010

Hi. My name is Denise Vigliotti. I’m a social science major here at Ramapo College and I’m entering my final semester before graduating (YEAH!). I hope to find a career in the helping fields and have narrowed down my interests to: helping abandoned babies find loving homes; helping children with learning disabilities; assisting young adults addicted to drugs; helping battered women; or helping our senior citizens survive their final years with dignity.

I chose to take this media and technology class for several reasons. For one, I love taking online courses and doing my assignments in my pajamas. Secondly, I needed an elective and I like to choose electives that have nothing to do with my major. Lastly, I currently get the majority of my news online or from the cable news networks. I’m both pleased as well as concerned about the speed in which today’s news stories can be transmitted around the world. Pleased since we’re able to stay on top of the news like no other time in history. Concerned because I think there are times when anonymous blogs and 24 hour news networks are more concerned with the speed in which they announce the news versus the accuracy of it. I’m looking forward to learning much more about this topic.


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